Motion to add Distinguished Member to the Membership Categories in the RMPA Constitution Section 1-Article III of the RMPA constitution:


Honorary Memberships

            Honorary memberships are intended to acknowledge contributions to RMPA and to psychological science.  The honorary membership designations are Lifetime Member and Distinguished member. In both cases nominations for the membership designation can be submitted to the association past-president by any member of the association. Nominees are voted on by the executive committee and presented at the annual business meeting of the association. 

c.  Lifetime Membersshall be those distinguished senior members who are designated by the Executive Committee for exemplary service to the organization worthy of lifetime membership.

d.  Distinguished Membersshall be those who have been RMPA members for at least 5 years and who have been designated by the Executive Committee as having distinguished themselves by their outstanding contributions to the scholarship of psychology and related fields. 

    • Contributions can include textbooks, published research, books and book chapters, outstanding teaching and leadership in and/or extensive service to RMPA.

    • Distinguished members will be given s one year membership to RMPA, unless a lifetime member.



See track changes to the constitution here. We will vote on this motion at the Business Meeting on April 6th, 2019 at the Convention.