Early Career Award Winners

2003: William Douglas Woody, University of Northern Colorado

2004: Britton Mace, Southern Utah University

2005: Michelle Butler, US Air Force Academy

2006: Carla Reyes, University of Utah

2007: Krista Forrest, University of Nebraska at Kearney

2008: Cheryl Sanders, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2009: Jeff Elison, Southern Utah University

2010: Aaron Richmond, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2011: Layton Curl, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2013:Grant Corser, Southern Utah University

2014: Bethany Fleck, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2015: Chad Mortensen, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2016: Marian Berryhill, University of Nevada - Reno

2017: Shannon McGillivray, Weber State University.

2018: no award given

RMPA is soliciting nominations for the 2019 Early Career Award.

RMPA is soliciting nominations for the 2019 Early Career Award. The Early Career Award recognizes a member of RMPA who is early in her or his career and who has already made significant contributions to the Association and to psychological science. The award is presented at the annual convention business meeting (April 6, 2019). 

The awards committee consists of the past-president, the current president, and the president-elect. Recommendations of the awards committee are ratified by the RMPA Executive Committee. A nominee who does not win the award will automatically have his or her nomination considered for a second year.

Criteria for the Award

 Candidates for the award must:

  • have a doctorate in psychology, or a related field,

  • have been granted a degree five to ten yearsprior to their nomination,

  • have been visibly active in RMPA for no less than 5 years, and, ideally, should have mentored students who have participated in RMPA, and

  • show promise of achieving national visibility.

To Nominate a Candidate for the Award, all that is required for a nomination is:

  • A current curriculum vitae

  • Two letters of nomination that speak to the criteria listed above.

Self-nominations are acceptable.

 Send nominations via e-mail to:

Susan E. Becker

Colorado Mesa University


Deadline for Nominations: February 15, 2019