Early Career Award Winners

2003: William Douglas Woody, University of Northern Colorado

2004: Britton Mace, Southern Utah University

2005: Michelle Butler, US Air Force Academy

2006: Carla Reyes, University of Utah

2007: Krista Forrest, University of Nebraska at Kearney

2008: Cheryl Sanders, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2009: Jeff Elison, Southern Utah University

2010: Aaron Richmond, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2011: Layton Curl, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2013:Grant Corser, Southern Utah University

2014: Bethany Fleck, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2015: Chad Mortensen, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2016: Marian Berryhill, University of Nevada - Reno



Mentor Award Winners 

2011    Paul Bell                      Colorado State University

2012    Steve Barney               Southern Utah University

2013    Roxanne Sullivan         Bellevue University

2014    Lynn White                 Southern Utah University

2015    Patrick Sherry             University of Denver

2016    Rick Miller                  Texas A&M University – Kingsville

2017    Doug Woody              University of Northern Colorado


Distinguished Service Award Winners

In 1978 the Association started a procedure whereby members of the Association who have given their time and efforts over and above that which would be normally required should receive special recognition. That year, the Association established a Distinguished Service Award which was a small means whereby individuals could be afforded special recognition. Since that time several individuals have been so honored. The honorees are:


1978               Bernard Spilka          University of Denver

1981               Ralph D. Norman       University of New Mexico

1982               William H Brown       Utah Psychological Center

                        Alice R. Fehrenbach Denver, Colorado

                        Wilson J. Walthall      University of Wyoming

                        Helen Wilson            Eastern Montana College

1983               Irwin H. Cohen          V.A. Hospital, Denver, Colorado

                        Henry C. Ellis              University of New Mexico

                        W. C. Leiding              Lovelace Medical Center

                        Earl E. Swartzlander Denver, Colorado

1984               Robert H. Bruce         University of Wyoming

                        Harrie F. Hess            University of Nevada, Las Vegas

1985               Paul Porter                University of Utah

                        Sheila Dietz                Colorado State University

1986               Janet Wollersheim    University of Montana

1987               Richard G. Weigel      Colorado State University

1988               W. C. Leiding              Lovelace Medical Center

                        David Thomas           University of Colorado, Boulder

                        Harl H. Young            Metropolitan State College

                        Michael Wertheimer University of Colorado, Boulder

1989               Sara Lyon James        SE Wyoming Mental Health Center

                        Neil Bartlett               University of Arizona

1991               Theodore H. Cutler   University of Denver

1992               Len Haas                    University of Utah

1993               Janet Kay Schnorr     Northern Arizona University

1994               Michael Wertheimer University of Colorado, Boulder

1995               Robert L. Atwell         Denver, Colorado

1996               Karen E. Ford            Mesa State College

1997               William Wallace         University of Nevada, Reno

1998               Susan Bromley          University of Northern Colorado

                        William J. Wozniak    University of Nebraska at Kearney

1999               No award given

2000               Paul A. Bell                 Colorado State University

2001               Kenneth Nikels          University of Nebraska at Kearney

2002               Pennie Seibert           Boise State University

                        Roger Fouts                Central Washington University

2003               Rick Miller                  University of Nebraska at Kearney

2004               Mitch Handelsman    University of Colorado at Denver

                        Wayne Viney              Colorado State University

2005               Diane Martichuski     University of Colorado Boulder

2006               Alice Healy                 University of Colorado Boulder

2007               Michelle Butler          U.S. Air Force Academy

                        Mark McDaniel          Washington University

2008               Nancy Karlin              University of Northern Colorado

2009               Ross Loomis               Colorado State University

2010               Judith A. Sugar          University of Nevada Reno

2011               Cheryl Sanders          Metropolitan State College of Denver

2012               Eric Amsel                  Weber State University

2013               William D. Woody      University of Northern Colorado

2014               Robert Rycek             University of Nebraska at Kearney

2015               Steve Barney             Southern Utah University

2016               Anna Ropp                 Metropolitan State University of Denver

2017               Leslie Alvarez             Adams State University