RMPA’s Network of Institutional Representatives

RMPA local institutional representatives serve as liaisons between RMPA and their Department. Local representatives receive information about association activities and the annual conference.  Local representatives are invited to moderate sessions, propose program events, publicize the conference at their institution, and encourage their colleagues and students to attend.

If your institution does not have a local rep, and if you would like to volunteer to serve in that role, please contact Rick Miller, RMPA's Local Representatives Coordinator at  Richard.Miller@tamuk.edu.

Those institutions currently represented are listed below:

Local Representatives


                           Northern Arizona University                                                Nora Dunbar


                           Point Loma Nazarene University                                         Kim W. Schaeffer


                           Adams State College                                                           Robert M. Demski

                           Colorado College                                                                 Emily Chan

                           Colorado Mesa University                                                    Susan Becker

                           Colorado State University                                                    Deana Davalos

                           Colorado State University – Pueblo                                     Karen Yescavage & Krista Bridgmon

                           Denver University                                                                 Ruth Chao

                           Front Range Community College                                         Laura Manuel

                           Metropolitan State University of Denver                              Aaron Richmond

                           Naropa University                                                                 Susan Burggraf & Kathleen Gregory

                           Regis University                                                                    Rona McCall

                           United States Air Force Academy                                        Michelle Butler

                           University of Colorado – Boulder                                         Diane Martichuski

                           University of Colorado-Colorado Springs                             Lori James

                           University of Colorado-Denver                                             Joan Bihun

                           University of Northern Colorado                                          Nancy Karlin & Doug Woody

                           Western State Colorado University                                     Susan Coykendall


                           Boise State University                                                          Charles Honts

                           BYU – Idaho                                                                         Brady Wiggins

                           Northwest Nazarene University                                           Elizabeth List

                           University of Idaho                                                                Steve Meier

The College of Idaho Kara Sage


                           Fort Hays State University                                                       Janett Naylor


                           Montana State University                                                        Michael Babcock

                           University of Montana                                                             Allen D. Szalda-Petree

                           University of Montana – Western                                            Mark Krank


                           Washington University                                                                Mark McDaniel

New Jersey

                           Centenary College                                                                       Jeremy Houska

New Mexico

                           New Mexico State University                                                        Laura Madson

                           San Juan College                                                                          Ron Salazar

                           University of New Mexico                                                             Elizabeth Browning

                           Western New Mexico University                                                   Jennifer Coleman


                           Bellevue University                                                                       Roxanne Sullivan

                           Chadron State College                                                                 Mary Jo Carnot

                           University of Nebraska at Kearney                                               Bill Wozniak


                           University of Nevada – Reno                                                  Judith Sugar

                           University of Nevada – Las Vegas                                          N. Clayton Silver

North Carolina

                           Western Carolina University                                                    Winford Gordon

South Dakota

                           Black Hills State University                                                      Nathan Deichert


                           Texas A&M-Kingsville                                                                Rick Miller

                           University of Texas-Pan American                                             Peter Kranz


                           Dixie State College                                                                     Kristine J. Olsen

                           Snow College                                                                             Nick Marsing

                           Southern Utah University                                                           Steve Barney

                           University of Utah                                                                       David Strayer

                           Utah State University                                                                  David Stein

                           Utah State University - Eastern                                                   Heath Earl

                           Utah Valley University                                                                David Yells

                           Weber State University                                                              Theresa Kay


                           Eastern Washington University                                             Mahlon Dalley

                           Central Washington University                                              Danielle Polage

                           Pacific Lutheran University                                                    Michelle Ceynar


                           Casper College                                                                       Shawn Powell


British Columbia

                           North Island College                                                              John Marton