Announcements can be submitted for posting on this RMPA web-site.  Web-site announcements will remain on-line for 3 months, or less if that become out of date (e.g. announce a meeting that has already occurred).  Postings will be approved by the Secretary prior to being placed on the web-site.  The Secretary will consult the RMPA Presidents if there any concern about the appropriateness of any posting.

Dues-current members will not be charged for announcements, except those for job position openings or announcements consisting of retail or professional service related advertisements.  For example, announcements about conferences, graduate programs, post doc positions, or speakers would have no charge.  The job position openings and retail or professional service related advertisements cost $50.

Departments or other psychology-related organizations and businesses may post announcements for $50.

To submit your announcement, send it to rockymountainpsych@gmail.com.  Payment can be made by check to the RMPA Treasurer.