Continuing Education/Professional Development

Some sessions at RMPA will offer Continuing Education/Professional Development credit. There is an additional $55 fee to receive credits, and the list of presentations that offer credits during the 2020 convention will be available here in the future.

The Rocky Mountain Psychological Association invites you to submit your ideas for Continuing Education Workshops for this year’s Annual Meeting. We are soliciting proposals that relate to clinical/consulting practice in broad areas with diverse populations of clients, and those that cover various aspects of professional ethics. 

We are also pioneering a new Nuts and Bolts workshop series. The purpose of these one to two-hour workshops is to provide a basic overview of the theory and practice of specific evidence-based psychotherapy styles, (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Motivational Interviewing, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, etc.). Relevant to both trainees who are searching for a theoretical orientation that resonates with them, as well as seasoned veterans who are looking to expand their therapeutic repertoire, we envision these workshops to be of great value to all attendees. Consider sharing your expertise with other RMPA attendees. 

Finally, RMPA is seeking proposals for workshops on Statistics for Clinicians. These workshops should review the types of statistical techniques and procedures most likely encountered and used in clinical practice (e.g., outcome research, psychometric analysis, scale development, etc.). 

As with all workshops, we encourage presenters to incorporate experiential exercises into their proposals. Presenters will also need to identify a few learning objectives for each workshop they facilitate. 

Please direct questions about Continuing Education workshops to Steve Barney (


If you have questions about the credits, please contact Steve Barney at

The following 14 presentations were approved and offered for CE at the 2019 convention:

  • Teaching is a Political Act: Who Decides What We Need to Know?

  • Back to the Future: Exploring Psychology’s Past, Re imagining Psychology’s Future

  • Wearing Out Your Welcome: Clothing, Prejudice, and Sexism

  • Who has made history in psychology? Strategies for inclusive pedagogy

  • Respect for Psychology as a Science as Higher Education Becomes More Corporate

  • Teaching Sex and Gender Beyond the Binary

  • Bell-Loomis Symposium"

  • The Accidental Social Psychologist

  • Implementing Comprehensive Services for Clients Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Mindfulness and Hypnosis in Clinical Practice

  • Stigma Reduction Engagement: Combating the Opioid Crisis

  • Brief Introduction to Radically Open DBT

  • Familiarizing the Unspoken: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Mental Health Training

  • Kids in eXpression (KIX)

The following presentations were approved and offered for CE at the 2018 convention: (among others):

  • A president’s symposium on suicide prevention and intervention.

  • Sally Spencer- Thomas, Ph.D., “Innovation in Men’s Mental Health: Using Humor, Media and Digital Engagement to Promote Mental Health and Prevent Suicide for High Risk Men”

  • Tania Israel, Ph.D, “Four Ways Psychologists Can Participate in Social Change"

  • Robert Morgan, Ph.D., “Beyond Pop Culture: The Application of Science in Forensic Psychology 

CE Coordinator and RMPA Past President Dr. Steve Barney Checking attendees in for CE credits at the 2019 Convention.

CE Coordinator and RMPA Past President Dr. Steve Barney Checking attendees in for CE credits at the 2019 Convention.