To pay your RMPA dues please click

Dues can be paid at any time of the year. Thank you!

Exhibitors and Sponsors can purchase a table or coffee break during the 2019 Convention.

*Exhibitor’s table: $250 each (plus registration IF attending conference sessions)

*Morning/afternoon receptions (drinks): $325 (choice of iced tea, lemonade, or fruit punch).

*Morning/afternoon receptions (food): $480 (choice of cookies, brownies, or pastries).

*Morning/afternoon coffee break: $550

RMPA reserves the right to refuse the registration of any exhibitor who is not consistent with the mission of the organization

2019 Convention Registration Costs and Membership Dues 

*Professional Member: 

-Member Dues - $50

-Registration - $75 

-Members with lifetime status are not responsible for annual dues, just registration

*Undergraduate & Graduate Student Affiliate: 

-No Membership Dues for students

-Registration - $75.00


                -Registration - $175

*Continuing Ed credits/registration: 

-Registration dues based on category above + $55


-Under the age of 12 must be registered, but there is no cost

-Over the age of 12, one-day pass: $15 (does not include access to receptions)

-Over the age of 12, full-access pass: $40 (includes all days of conference and receptions.


All normal (non-guest) registrations are subject to a $25 late fee if purchased after March 2.

Please remember: you must wear your badge while at the conference.