To pay your RMPA dues please click

Dues can be paid at any time of the year. Thank you!

Exhibitors and Sponsors can purchase a table or coffee break during the 2019 Convention.

Once available the link will be located here. check back soon! 

*Exhibitor’s table: $250 each + registration 

*Morning/afternoon receptions (drinks): $325 (choice of iced tea, lemonade, or fruit punch).

*Morning/afternoon receptions (food): $480 (choice of cookies, brownies, or pastries).

RMPA reserves the right to refuse the registration of any exhibitor who is not consistent with the mission of the organization

2019 Convention Registration Costs and Membership Dues 

*Professional Member: 

-Member Dues - $50

-Registration - $75 

-Members with lifetime status are not responsible for annual dues, just registration

*Undergraduate & Graduate Student Affiliate: 

-No Membership Dues for students

-Registration - $75.00


                -Registration - $175

*Continuing Ed credits/registration: 

-Registration dues based on category above + $55


-Under the age of 12 must be registered, but there is no cost

-Over the age of 12, one-day pass: $15 (does not include access to receptions)

-Over the age of 12, full-access pass: $40 (includes all days of conference and receptions.


All normal (non-guest) registrations are subject to a $25 late fee if purchased after March 2.

Please remember: you must wear your badge while at the conference.