RMPA's 2017 Program

There will not be printed programs available at the convention.  

RMPA is going green(er)! We will not having printed programs, but we do have the program available in different formats. 

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Invited Speakers for the 2017 RMPA Annual Convention

RMPA Presidential Symposium

What We Hope Happens: The Beneficial Effects of the Introductory Psychology Course and Majoring in Psychology

R. Eric Landrum, Boise State University; Regan A. R. Gurung, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; and Eric Amsel, Weber State University

Session description: With the assumption that psychological knowledge is valuable and can benefit many aspects of life, these researchers examined college and non-college aged individuals (18-28) to see if there is an improvement in psychological knowledge based on one introductory course or a major in psychology.  


RMPA Distinguished Lecture

To Boldly Go (Beyond Content): Skills & Learning

Regan A. R. Gurung, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Session description: This lecture discusses the importance of educators going beyond just teaching their students basic content, and working towards helping students to truly learn, evaluate and digest information.


Worth Publishing Distinguished Lecture

Ready or Not: Supporting Underprepared Students in Psychology

Deborah M. Licht and Misty G. Hull, Pikes Peak Community College

Session description: Many students are underprepared for the academic requirements needed to succeed in a college class. This presentation explores current trends and ways in which educators can better classroom relationships, increase engagement, and make materials more relevant in their students’ lives.


RMPA Past President’s Address: Opening Keynote Address

Reflections on the Science and Applications of Credibility Assessment

David Raskin, University of Utah

Session description: Dr. Rankin provides a brief history on credibility assessments and their development before diving into current research on computerized polygraph techniques and the oculomotor deception test and their applications in relation to law enforcement, courts, government, and the private sector.   


Teaching Conference Keynote Address

Can Psychology Survive in a Post-Modern World? 

Jane Halonen, University of West Florida

Session description: This lecture addresses public misunderstandings about the field of psychology and discusses what educators can do to help psychology remain dynamic in our postmodern era.  


Psi Chi Keynote Address

Meaning in Life: What’s it all about?

Clara E. Hill, University of Maryland

Session description: One can often find themselves wondering about their lives – are the things I have done, am doing, and plan to do meaningful? This lecture will provide information on what meaning in life (MIL) really is and how to work with MIL effectively. Dr. Hill will also introduce her and her colleagues’ new MIL measure.


RMPA Alumni Address

The Opportunistic Generalist, or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Give Psychology Away

Scott Bates, Utah State University

Session description: Not available at this time.


Gardner Memorial Lecture

Sign Language Studies Lead to Studies of Captive Chimpanzee Care

Mary Lee Jensvold, Central Washington University

Session description:  An examination of between species interactions (human and chimpanzees) – sign language, unstructured, face-to-face, and use of space. This session will also address research involving animal welfare and environmental enrichment programs with chimpanzees in the Gardner project at the Fouts laboratory.


RMPA Diversity Address

Melanie Brewster, Columbia University

Session description: To date, atheists have been a marginalized group that have experienced bias and discrimination in schools, the workplace, and the legal system with little to no support. Dr. Brewster’s lecture is going to highlight the need for further awareness and multicultural competency when working with people who identify as atheist.


RMPA Invited Speaker

GI Joe Meets Barbie: Disordered Eating is Not Just a “Female” Issue

Mary Pritchard, Boise State University

Session description: The unbalanced attention on women’s eating disorders (ED) has left males suffering with ED marginalized. This lecture will discuss these issues and highlight new research that demonstrates the distribution of ED among males and females is not as unequal as previously thought.  


RMPA Special Invited Speakers

Can we Really Standardize Assessment and Accreditation? Lessons from Europe

Susan Nolan, Seton Hall University; Siniša Lakić, University of Banja Luka

Session description: Standardizing assessments and accreditations across cultures and countries is challenging. What can we learn from the Bologna Process (BP) and the psychology-specific EuroPsy guidelines? This session aims to answer just that question with a look at pros, cons, similarities, and differences.



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