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Psychology Major

Psychology majors deal in curiosity. As a psychology major, you will delve into the complex phenomena of relationships, thinking, memory, development, disorders, and personality, and you will seek to understand why humans (and animals) think, feel, and act as they do. You can study abroad, in summer field schools, and in hospital settings. You can pursue your own original research and present your findings at professional conferences. And, by the time you graduate, you will have collaborated on laboratory and field research.

There are several excellent reasons why you might want to study psychology at Fort Lewis College.

The psychology curriculum is modern, broad, and tailored to the needs of today’s students, the current job market, and the ever changing demands of the profession. The core courses provide the basic concepts and skills needed by all psychology majors, but course options allow some specialization. Flexibility is built into the curriculum by means of the psychology electives that guide each student toward breadth as well as depth via groups of related courses that will better prepare them for future career and educational options.

Our research programs and practical opportunities provide each student with first-hand experiences with “real life” phenomena while under the direct supervision of our faculty and community partners. Field and research activities are part of the curriculum as students pursue original research and have a chance to present their work to colleagues at conferences such as RMPA. 

The psychology majors at Fort Lewis College will find their psychology professors dedicated to teaching. Although most psychology professors maintain research activities in their specialty areas, they view research as complementary to teaching. Small classes enable them to give their students a considerable amount of individual attention and guidance. Several psychology faculty members have enjoyed the reputation of being among the best teachers in the institution, with several winners of major college awards including Featured Scholars, Alice Admire and New Faculty teaching awards, and even FLC Achievement Awards. All faculty members are active contributors to the field of psychology. Although demanding, students consistently rate their psychology professors as motivating, challenging, informative, and fair


  • Undergraduate Research - Our research programs and practical opportunities give you first-hand experiences with real-life phenomena while under the supervision of our faculty and community partners. Field and research activities are part of the curriculum as you pursue original research and have a chance to present your work to colleagues at conferences.
  • Summer Field Schools – We regularly offer psychology field schools during the summer. The offerings may vary from year to year, so feel free to check out the Psychology Department page for current offerings.
  • STEM3 – You can join the STEM3 program as a tutor or a participant. The program’s mission is to improve retention, graduation, and graduate school transferability of STEM3 students at FLC.
  • MSW Program - We have a special cooperative program under which you can apply to substitute the first year of the Durango-based University of Denver Four Corners Master of Social Work (MSW) program for your final year of undergraduate coursework at FLC.

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Master’s Program – Psychological Science Track

The Psychological Science track of the Master of Arts in Psychology at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is primarily designed to prepare students for doctoral degrees in psychology or related fields. A majority of our Master's students are accepted into Ph.D. programs. In 2017, graduates from our program moved on to doctoral programs at the University of Oregon, Northwestern University, University of Denver, Pennsylvania State University, and Claremont Graduate University. The program is also relevant to students who do not plan to pursue a doctoral degree but wish to become more knowledgeable about psychology and its applications to their particular interests.

Our program provides the student with a solid foundation in psychological research. Students complete coursework in Psychological Science design, research methodology, and statistics. They also develop an area of specialization that serves as a basis for elective coursework and a Master's thesis. Students value our strong research focus and low student-to-faculty ratio.

Psychological Science students from the Rocky Mountain and adjacent regions (including AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, ND, OR, SD, UT, WA, and WY) pay Colorado in-state tuition through the Western Regional Graduate Program tuition exchange program. Additional funding may be available to students such as teaching assistantships, research assistantships and scholarships.